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Go Solar Now and reduce 70% in your electricity bill 

From sustainability to energy savings, we're committed.

Our Services

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Sale and installation of solar panels

Solar panels are made up of what is known as solar cells. Subsequently, each cell it is made up of what we call a silicone sandwich composed of n-type and p-type silicon. When the rays of the sun hit the silicon, the photons that make up the light make pass electrons from lower p-type silicon to silicon upper type n, thus becoming a source for generate electricity. Solar panels are configured so that collect all this electricity and channel it to power all household electrical needs.

trabajadores de la construcción

Construction & repair

  • Masonry

  • Plumbing

  • Painting

  • Electricity 

  • Hvac

  • Roofing

  • Siding

  • Kitchen

  • Tile 

  • Home Remodelation





& Green Energy

About Us

Argoyas, is a company committed to sale and install Solar Panels and delivering innovative and high technical construction solutions based on architectural designs that respond to the needs of its customers. We have multidisciplinary professional teams, highly committed and in continuous training.

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"We are satisfied with the great work of Argoyas, they have met our expectations."

The Mathews

“After our marriage we thought about remodeling the house and finding someone to help us, a friend recommended us Argoyas and it was without a doubt the best option.”

Lars & Mary

“Estoy completamente agradecido con Argoyas por haber sido parte de un proyecto tan importante para mi familia, recomiendo totalmente los servicios de esta compañía.”

Luis Rodriguez

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